Is Freelance Design The Career for Me?

When listening to my peers dreaming up which sector of the design field they would love a career in, a majority think freelancing is the way to go. I personally think freelancing makes a perfect career for some, but not for all. Like with all jobs, it’s important to think about the aspects of freelancing that contrast with the positives. Take a look at my list below, and let me know what you would add to your pro v. con list!


  • Higher earning potential; freelance rates are almost always higher than in-house equivalents.
    • Agencies/clients will pay more for specialist skills on-demand
  • You can set your own hours.
  • You can pick your own clients AKA do the projects you want to do.
  • Work where you want; at home, in a coffee shop, while traveling.


  • You only earn when you work.
    • No sick or holiday pay.
  • You have to do all the admin work, like accounting or bookkeeping.
  • Some clients you will have to chase down for your payment.
  • You don’t have coworkers to bounce ideas off of or to collaborate with.