Daily Design: Daily Planner

As a creator, I find a way every day to use an aspect of design in everything I do – right down to my personal daily planner. This is where I log appointments for the day, random to-do lists, an occasional inspirational quote, and every once in a while it turns into my food diary. I try to sit down every Sunday to plan my week out, this serves as a way to keep myself organized in addition to being a creative outlet. Here’s a look at how I lay out my weeks!


Can’t Get Enough of Christmas

I know the last post I published hit on this too, but come on guys, I can’t help it when it comes to Christmas! Only 32 more days 🙂 The second weekend in November (9th-10), Sioux Empire Arts and Craft Fair had their annual Holiday Expo where I was lucky enough to share a booth with my close friends at Dakota Thread Heads. I kept it simple, not bringing anything custom made, but rather a stockpile of this year’s Christmas Card (which was the feature of my latest post) and Christmas themed 8×10 prints. Today I’ll share those prints with you!

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Christmas Cards

The countdown is on, 35 days until Christmas! As a lettering artist, this is definitely my busiest time of year for custom orders, but I also love making prints in bulk. This year, I decided to design a few Christmas cards. I’m LOVING how they turned out, what do you think?

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Inspo: Stefan Kunz

Lettering was my gateway into graphic design. I started out making greeting cards, home decor, and wedding signage before deciding on majoring in Media Design in college. Naturally, I follow 30+ lettering artists on social media platforms, such as Instagram, with their skills and popularity ranging from beginner to expert. One of my absolute favorite lettering artists is Stefan Kunz, master of chalk art and tablet lettering. Check out his work here or look at some of my favorites below!

xo Hannah IMG_0837IMG_0838IMG_0839IMG_0840IMG_0841IMG_0842IMG_0843IMG_0844