2019 Portfolio Show Campaign

Each year, Southeast Tech hosts a showcase for the graduating Media Design and Digital Media Production students. And each year, Media students design a campaign for the event in hopes that their designs will be chosen. Here are a few of my pieces, including (in the order you see them): Promotional Poster, Guestbook: Cover and Inside Pages, Invitation: Front and Back, Lanyard ID Cards, Email Reminder, and Website Comp.

P.S. Keep reading to learn why I designed the way I did!

posterguestbookcoverguestbookinsideinvite frontinvite backlanyardeblastwebsite

Throughout the campaign, the lighter blue from Southeast Tech’s logo serves as a background for each piece. Doing so quickly grabs the attention of the viewer. This is great for stopping a passer-by with a hanging poster, or creating “staying power” for an invitation. The thick, black type used in the logo also grabs attention as it is darker and more bold than any lines used in the graphics, immediately informing the viewer of what the piece is promoting. The graphics shown on the poster all signify what makes a graphic designer. First, the coffee cup, as all designers work towards a hard deadline and most rely on caffeine to power through late nights. The monitor is obvious, as all of our work is done on a computer. The headphones mean multiple things, both the importance of sound for Digital Media Production and the inspiration of music while working. A designer’s best friends in post-production are a stapler, ruler, and razor. Camera’s are more important than I originally thought, as they are used to create original content and also photograph your end product. Next comes the clock, another testament to the hard deadlines designer’s face. The sketchbook signifies the pre-production stage, as it is always important to sketch ideas out before jumping into the software. Of course you also need writing or drawing utensils for that important step. Finally the magnifying glass, symbolizing the amount of detail and attention that goes into each and every designer’s work.

Is Freelance Design The Career for Me?

When listening to my peers dreaming up which sector of the design field they would love a career in, a majority think freelancing is the way to go. I personally think freelancing makes a perfect career for some, but not for all. Like with all jobs, it’s important to think about the aspects of freelancing that contrast with the positives. Take a look at my list below, and let me know what you would add to your pro v. con list!


  • Higher earning potential; freelance rates are almost always higher than in-house equivalents.
    • Agencies/clients will pay more for specialist skills on-demand
  • You can set your own hours.
  • You can pick your own clients AKA do the projects you want to do.
  • Work where you want; at home, in a coffee shop, while traveling.


  • You only earn when you work.
    • No sick or holiday pay.
  • You have to do all the admin work, like accounting or bookkeeping.
  • Some clients you will have to chase down for your payment.
  • You don’t have coworkers to bounce ideas off of or to collaborate with.

Daily Design: Daily Planner

As a creator, I find a way every day to use an aspect of design in everything I do – right down to my personal daily planner. This is where I log appointments for the day, random to-do lists, an occasional inspirational quote, and every once in a while it turns into my food diary. I try to sit down every Sunday to plan my week out, this serves as a way to keep myself organized in addition to being a creative outlet. Here’s a look at how I lay out my weeks!


Daily Design: Place Cards

Before I landed on a graphic design major, I seriously thought that I would become either an Interior Designer or an Architect – I was actually enrolled at the University of Nebraska – Lincoln in Architecture before I had decided to take a gap year! So needless to say, decorating is always a fun time for me, even if it’s just sprucing up a table for family dinner. This past Sunday, my oldest sister’s in-laws joined us for family dinner, so of course I had to put a little more effort into the table decor. I went with cream cardstock and a liquid gold marker for the place cards, and I have to say – they look so good!

Processed with VSCO with m5 presetProcessed with VSCO with m5 preset

Can’t Get Enough of Christmas

I know the last post I published hit on this too, but come on guys, I can’t help it when it comes to Christmas! Only 32 more days 🙂 The second weekend in November (9th-10), Sioux Empire Arts and Craft Fair had their annual Holiday Expo where I was lucky enough to share a booth with my close friends at Dakota Thread Heads. I kept it simple, not bringing anything custom made, but rather a stockpile of this year’s Christmas Card (which was the feature of my latest post) and Christmas themed 8×10 prints. Today I’ll share those prints with you!

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