What to Wear: Family Photos

One of my guilty pleasures? Scrolling through Instagram admiring all the big-name bloggers’ perfectly styled family shoots. Another guilty pleasure? Shopping.

So, if you are finding yourself freaking out about what to dress your family in for your family photo shoot, look no further! I came up with a set of guidelines to take the pressure off.

  1. 1. Toss out the graphic tees! Not only do they look a little frumpy, logos change, text can look warped depending on the pose, and it makes editing a pain for your photographer.
  2. 2. Choose a color palette! Palette as in multiple colors, not one shade of blue for the entire family. Need help choosing a color? Visit color.adobe.com and explore thousands of palettes!
  3. 3. Choose different articles for each person! Have you ever seen those cringe-worthy family photos where everyone is wearing jeans and a white tee? Change it up: put the hubby in a sweater, wifey in a dress, the boys in a button up (maybe even toss a vest on), and your girls in a shirt + skirt + leggings combo.
  4. 4. Mix up the textures! Solids are cute but mix and matching is definitely more fun. Guys look great in plaids, and sweaters with texture (like wool or chenille) are a perfect match.

I hope you found this post helpful, but if words just aren’t doing it for you, check out some of my favorite bloggers for more inspiration:

@amberfillerup @caraloren @kristinamcpherson

Go-To Photography Props

Nothing serves as a better prop than the perfect landscape, but let’s say you just aren’t working at your preferred location. Need something to spruce the images up? Add some props into the frame. I created a list of my favorite props to style any shoot below.

1. Blanket

It’s listed at number one because it is the most versatile, most easily accessible prop out there. Posing your family on the ground? Sit them on a blanket. Posing a loved-up couple? Wrap them in a blanket. Shooting outdoors in the winter? Blankets for everyone 😉

2. Chair

Chairs come in handy the most when you are posing only one subject. My favorite time to use one? Senior pictures! They are also adorable when shooting children (a little guy in a giant chair? I love it). Here is a tip: buy a chair that you won’t be heartbroken to see scuffed up (we are talking thrift store buys, people) because chances are you will be shooting with this outdoors often!

3. Food/Drink

For sure love edible props for two occasions: champagne for engagements (it’s a celebration!) and cake for first birthdays (ever heard of a cake smash?)