Daily Design: Place Cards

Before I landed on a graphic design major, I seriously thought that I would become either an Interior Designer or an Architect – I was actually enrolled at the University of Nebraska – Lincoln in Architecture before I had decided to take a gap year! So needless to say, decorating is always a fun time for me, even if it’s just sprucing up a table for family dinner. This past Sunday, my oldest sister’s in-laws joined us for family dinner, so of course I had to put a little more effort into the table decor. I went with cream cardstock and a liquid gold marker for the place cards, and I have to say – they look so good!

Processed with VSCO with m5 presetProcessed with VSCO with m5 preset

Dish Soap Label Design

Screen Shot 2018-12-05 at 9.25.52 PMScreen Shot 2018-12-05 at 9.26.39 PM

Ruthie’s Dish Soap is a brand I created in tribute to my mom, who spent 10 years running an in-home daycare. This brand is committed to providing great smelling, earth friendly, effective cleaning products to their customers. The dream of this brand originated in Ruthie’s kitchen 15 years ago when she was desperately searching for a dish soap that was tough on grease, but not full of chemicals.

The product labels are designed with environmentally conscious customers in mind. The average age of the target audience is 20-65 and including both genders. Each design features a color that will allow the bottle to stand out on the shelves of both the natural cleaning product aisle as well as the dish soap aisle in any grocery store. The Logo is simple, featuring no imagery, which singles it out from the crowd.

Using Type as Imagery

As a challenge to myself from my instructor, for this particular project, we were not allowed to use photos as imagery (vector-based graphics were acceptable). As a challenge from myself, I decided to not use either photos or vector graphics, instead I chose to use type as the imagery. This project is advertising for an Autumn Street Dance in a small Midwestern town, I went with a carnival theme – big marquee lights and flags – and an Autumn-based color scheme. Take a look below, and let me know how you think I did! The first example is of a four-panel, gate-fold brochure and the second example is a postcard. Screen Shot 2018-12-05 at 6.07.59 PMScreen Shot 2018-12-05 at 6.04.03 PMScreen Shot 2018-12-05 at 6.03.49 PMScreen Shot 2018-12-05 at 6.04.22 PMScreen Shot 2018-12-05 at 6.04.31 PM

Design Principles: Proportion

Proportion is defined as the size relationships within a composition. Proportion is super important and evident in every aspect of design. In photography, proportion is essential to keeping the photograph look real. In layout, proportion is used to create a sense of depth in a design, as well as create hierarchy.

As you know by now, I have created a design for each principle to give my viewers a real-life example. Below, the triangles of varying sizes, stacked atop one another, create a sense of depth. The larger ones appear to be in the foreground while the smaller ones fall into the background.

Screen Shot 2018-10-17 at 2.37.38 PM