First things first, thank you for visiting my site! My name is Hannah Johnson and I am a 2nd year Media Design student at Southeast Technical Institute. Check out my blog page for inspiration, information, and a little bit of insight into my designs.


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10 Ways to DIY Your SEO

In today’s digital world, understanding Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is everything for anyone relying on social media or websites for exposure. Here are 10 ways YOU can enhance your SEO: Master Keyword research; try out Google Keyword Planner Understand your competition Plan your site; make sure to use long and specific keywords Optimize your site; make it … Continue reading 10 Ways to DIY Your SEO

2019 Portfolio Show Campaign

Each year, Southeast Tech hosts a showcase for the graduating Media Design and Digital Media Production students. And each year, Media students design a campaign for the event in hopes that their designs will be chosen. Here are a few of my pieces, including (in the order you see them): Promotional Poster, Guestbook: Cover and … Continue reading 2019 Portfolio Show Campaign

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